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Carburetor Rebuild

Carburetor Rebuild Posted in Small Engines

If your power equipment engine is hesitating to start, stalling, or eating too much gas, you may want to consider rebuilding your carburetor.

The first thing you always want to do before servicing your power equipment is check your owner's manual for specific guidelines and regulations.

Then, gather your tools, find a clean, open area and get started! Below are some helpful tips and guidelines for successfully rebuilding your carburetor.

1. Remove the carb from the engine according to your manufacturers directions. Make sure to remember where all the linkage rods and springs went.

carburetor removed from engine

Be careful when removing the carburetor not to tear the intake gasket. If your gasket is damaged, replace the gasket. Check out our selection of gasketshere at Jack's

2. Carefully remove the fuel bowl from the carb body, this may either be a bolt or a high speed mixture screw holding it on. Be prepared for some gas to come out of the bowl.

remove fuel bowl screws bowl screws removed

3. Push or pull the float hinge pin out so you can remove the float and the needle valve assembly.

remove float hinge pin float hinge pin and bowl removed

4. If your carb contains an idle mixture screw, remove it along with the spring.

If your carb is equiped with a main jet that is removable you can remove and clean it. I recommend using a carb screwdriver for removal of the main jet, a regular screw driver can damage the soft brass jet.

remove idle mixture screw idle mixture screw removed

5. Now you are ready to clean the carb with a good carb cleaner. You can soak the carb parts in cleaner for no more than 10 minutes. Then wipe them clean or blow them dry with compressed air.

Spray the carb with cleaner paying attention to all the holes. Then blow the carb out with compressed air.


Be careful to put everything back where it came from. If your carb has any adjustable mixture screws, when you first re-install them turn them in all the way then back out 1 to 1 and a half turns and that will get you to the point where the engine can start.

For specific tuning of your carb, consult your owner's manual.

idle mixture screw

Jack's Safety Tips: Before servicing or repairing any power equipment, disconnect the spark plug and battery cables. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer.