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What Mowing Patterns to Use

What Mowing Patterns to Use Posted in Lawn Care

From the Experts at Simplicity

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when mowing your grass. The first thing is to always start mowing on a smooth, level area. The size and type of the area to be mowed will determine the best mowing pattern to use. Obstructions such as trees, fences, buildings, or slopes and grades must also be considered when planning to mow your grass.

Mowing Tips

  • Cut long straight strips overlapping slightly.
  • Where possible, change patterns occasionally to eliminate matting, graining or a corrugated appearance.
  • For a truly professional cut, mow across the lawn in one direction, then recut the lawn by mowing perpendicular to the previous cut.
mowing patterns

Where possible, make one or two passes around the outside of the area, discharging the grass INTO the lawn to keep the cut grass off fences and walks.

mowing patterns

The remainder of the mowing should be done in the opposite direction so that the clippings are dispersed OUT onto the area of lawn previously cut.

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