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Pre-Cleaner 493537S

Briggs and Stratton Pre-Cleaner

Part#: 493537S

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Briggs and Stratton OEM Part


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BRIGGS AND STRATTON Engines: 129H00 Series (0005-0185), 12A600 Series (0100-0112), 12B600 Series (0100-0104), 12C600 Series (0100-0118), 12D600 Series (0015-0119), 12C700 Series, 12C800 Series, 12D800 Series, 133702 (0015) Model Series 133700 11A602-0100-E1, 11A602-0111-E1, 11A602-0113-E1, 11A602-0114-E1, 11A602-0115-E1, 11A602-0125-E1, 11A602-0147-E1, 11A602-0150-E1, 11A602-0151-E1, 11A602-0152-E1, 11A602-0169-E1, 11A602-0170-E1, 11A682-0118-E1, 11A682-0119-E1, 11A687-0108-E1, 11C602-0100-E1, 11C602-0110-E1, 120H02-0100-B1, 120H02-0100-D1, 120H02-0108-B1, 120H02-0109-D1, 120H02-0111-D1, 120H02-0112-B1, 120H02-0112-D1, 120H02-0113-B1, 120H07-0110-D1, 120H07-0114-D1, 121A02-0020-E1, 121A12-0022-E1, 121A12-0028-E1, 121A12-0277-E1, 121A12-0323-E1, 121A32-0101-E1, 121H02-0100-B1, 121H02-0100-D1, 121H02-0105-B1, 121H02-0110-D1, 121H02-0113-B1, 121H82-0111-B1, 122H02-0100-B1, 122H02-0100-D1, 122H02-0110-D1, 122H02-0112-D1, 122H02-0116-B1, 122H02-0117-D1, 122H02-0119-B1, 122H02-0119-D1, 122H02-0120-B1, 122H02-0122-B1, 122H02-0122-D1, 122H02-0129-B1, 122H02-0131-B1, 122H02-0133-B1, 122H02-0134-B1, 122H02-0135-B1, 122H02-0199-B1, 122H02-0220-B1, 122H02-0871-B1, 122H07-0115-B1, 122H07-0118-D1, 122H07-0123-D1, 122H07-0126-B1, 122H07-0127-B1, 122H07-0221-D1, 122H82-0124-01, 122H82-0125-01
BRIGGS AND STRATTON Engines: 122H82-0128-01, 122H82-0130-B1, 122K02-0015-E1, 122K02-0016-E1, 122K02-0018-E1, 122K02-0025-E1, 122K02-0101-E1, 122K02-0110-E1, 122K02-0111-E1, 122K02-0112-E1, 122K02-0113-E1, 122K02-0115-E1, 122K02-0116-E1, 122K02-0117-E1, 122K02-0119-E1, 122K02-0122-E1, 122K02-0124-E1, 122K02-0126-E1, 122K02-0129-E1, 122K02-0132-E1, 122K02-0134-E1, 122K02-0137-E1, 122K02-0138-E1, 122K02-0141-E1, 122K02-0149-E1, 122K02-0150-E1, 122K02-0152-E1, 122K02-0158-E1, 122K02-0167-E1, 122K02-0169-E1, 122K02-0172-E1, 122K02-0177-E1, 122K02-0217-E1, 122K02-0290-E1, 122K02-0308-E1, 122K02-0309-E1, 122K02-0329-E1, 122K02-0330-E1, 122K02-0337-E1, 122K02-0341-E1, 122K02-0353-E1, 122K02-0356-E1, 122K02-0412-E1, 122K02-0515-B1, 122K02-0515-E1, 122K02-0516-E1, 122K02-0518-E1, 122K02-0525-E1, 122K02-0572-E1, 122K02-0573-E1, 122K02-0574-E1, 122K02-0577-E1, 122K02-0623-E1, 122K02-0628-E1, 122K02-0633-E1, 122K02-0640-E1, 122K02-0680-E1, 122K02-2329-E1, 122K02-2334-E1, 122K02-2349-E1, 122K05-0171-E1, 122K05-0627-E1, 122K07-0060-E1, 122K07-0135-E1, 122K07-0139-E1, 122K07-0178-E1
TORO Lawn Mowers: 20025, 20025, 20028, 20029, 20035, 20048

Replaces OEM



Equipment Type Small Engine

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