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Solid State Module 440441

Solid State Module
Replaces Briggs and Stratton 394891 590781 394988

Part#: 440441

 - 4.67 Stars - 3 Reviews


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Solid State Module

Fits Model

TORO 30116 Walk Behind Lawnmower
BRIGGS AND STRATTON 422447-4059-01, 40A777-1201-01, 40A777-1221-01, 40A777-1226-01, 40A777-1227-01, 40A777-1250-01, 42A707-1107-01, 42A707-1237-01, 42A707-1238-01, 42A707-1238-02, 42A707-1251-01, 42A707-1252-01, 42A707-1269-01, 42A707-1273-01, 42A707-1293-99, 42A707-1299-01, 42A707-1300-01, 42A707-1550-01, 42A707-1600-01, 42A707-1623-99, 42A707-1624-01, 42A707-1625-01, 42A707-1631-99, 42A707-1652-01, 42A707-1653-01, 42A707-1655-01, 42A707-1707-E1, 42A707-1838-A1, 42A707-2107-E1, 42A707-2238-E1, 42A707-2238-E2, 42A707-2240-99, 42A707-2299-E1, 42A707-2300-E1, 42A707-2550-E1, 42A707-2600-E1, 42A707-2625-E1, 42A707-2652-E1, 42A707-2653-E1, 42A707-2655-E1, 42A777-1127-01, 42A777-1201-01, 42A777-1236-01, 42A777-1270-01, 42A777-1271-01, 42A777-1272-01, 42A777-1285-01, 42A777-1286-01, 42A777-1295-01, 42A777-1298-01, 42A777-1727-E1, 42A777-1886-A1, 42A777-2127-E1, 42A777-2201-E1, 42A777-2236-E1, 42A777-2239-E1, 42A777-2271-E1, 42A777-2295-E1, 42A777-2295-E3, 42A777-2296-E1, 42B707-1115-99, 42B707-1116-99, 42B707-1117-99, 42B707-1265-01, 42B707-1270-99, 42B707-2200-E1, 42B707-2265-E1, 42C777-1237-01, 42C777-1238-99, 42D707-1231-01, 42D707-1234-99, 42D707-1280-01, 42D707-1298-01, 42D707-1540-01, 42D707-1834-99, 42D707-1880-A1 4 Cycle Small Engine
BRIGGS AND STRATTON 42D707-2131-99, 42D707-2280-E1, 42D707-2280-E3, 42D707-2285-99, 42D707-2298-E1, 42D777-1281-01, 42D777-1282-01, 42D777-1881-A1, 42D777-2281-E1, 42D777-2281-E3, 42D777-2282-E1, 42E707-1631-01, 42E707-1831-A1, 42E707-2275-E1, 42E707-2631-E1, 42E707-2631-E2, 42E707-2631-E3, 42E777-1280-03, 42E777-1831-E1, 42E777-1880-E1, 42E777-2280-E3, 400417-0119-01, 400417-1501-01, 400417-1502-01, 400437-0015-01, 400437-0016-01, 400437-0111-01, 400437-0112-01, 400437-0113-99, 400437-0120-01, 400437-0121-99, 400437-0122-01, 400437-1200-01, 400437-1202-01, 400437-1205-01, 400437-4015-01, 400437-4016-01, 400447-1201-01, 400447-1203-01, 400447-1206-01, 400447-1207-01, 400447-4002-01, 400707-0010-01, 400707-0030-01, 400707-0040-99, 400707-0041-01, 400707-0100-01, 400707-0101-01, 400707-0102-99, 400707-0110-01, 400707-0111-01, 400707-0111-02, 400707-0112-01, 400707-0113-01, 400707-0114-01, 400707-0115-01, 400707-0116-01, 400707-0117-01, 400707-0118-01, 400707-0119-01, 400707-0120-01, 400707-0121-01, 400707-0122-01, 400707-0123-99, 400707-0124-01, 400707-0124-02, 400707-0125-01, 400707-0126-01, 400707-0127-01, 400707-0128-01, 400707-0129-01, 400707-0130-01, 400707-0131-01, 400707-1110-01 4 Cycle Small Engine

Replaces OEM

Briggs and Stratton 394891
Briggs and Stratton 590781
Briggs and Stratton 394988


Equipment Type Small Engine

Reviews for the Solid State Module

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works great,right price,delivered on time

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Reviewed on
I only rated this at 4 stars because I need to see how long it lasts. I have gone through 2 Briggs brand coils in less then a year so I thought I would try an aftermarket one. Bingo, so far the engine runs better and I am very satisfied so far. I have noticed that the quality of Briggs brand products is failing (move more to china Briggs). I will do business with this company again as everything went nicely, transaction, shipping was quick. Good job jackssmallengines.com

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Reviewed on
good price, part was perfect

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