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Fuel Filter 054059

Fuel Filter
Replaces Gravely 21527800

Part#: 054059

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Fuel Filter

Fits Model

KAWASAKI FD501D BS00, FD501D CS00, FD501D DS00, FD501D AS02, FD501D AS03, FD501D BS03, FD501V AS02, FD501V BS02, FD501V BS03, FD501V CS02, FD590V AS06, FD590V AS07, FD590V AS09, FD590V BS06, FD590V BS09, FD590V CS06, FD590V CS09, FD590V DS09, FD620D AS13, FD620D AS15, FD620D AS18, FD620D AS19, FD620D AS20, FD620D BS13, FD620D BS15, FD620D BS18, FD620D BS19, FD620D BS20, FD620D CS13, FD620D CS18, FD620D CS20, FD620D DS13, FD620D DS18, FD620D DS19, FD620D DS20, FD620D ES13, FD620D ES18, FD620D ES19, FD620D FS13, FD620D FS19, FD620D GS13, FD620D AS21, FD620D AS23, FD620D BS21, FD620D BS23, FD620D CS21, FD661D AS00, FD661D AS02, FD661D AS03, FD661D AS05, FD661D AS07, FD661D BS00, FD661D BS02, FD661D BS03, FD661D BS05, FD661D CS00, FD661D CS02, FD661D CS03, FD661D DS02, FD661D DS03, FD661D ES02, FD671D AS00, FD671D AS01, FD671D AS03, FD671D AS04, FD671D BS00, FD671D CS00, FD671D DS00, FD711D AS00, FD711D CS00, FD711D DS01, FD711D ES01, FD750D AS00, FD750D AS01, FD750D AS02, FD750D AS04 4 Cycle Small Engine
KAWASAKI FD750D AS06, FD750D BS00, FD750D BS01, FD750D BS02, FD750D BS06, FD750D CS00, FD750D CS02, FD750D CS05, FD750D CS06, FD750D DS00, FD750D DS02, FD750D DS03, FD750D DS05, FD750D DS06, FD750D ES03, FD750D AS08, FD750D AS09, FD750D AS11, FD750D BS09, FD750D CS08, FD750D CS09, FD750D DS08, FD750D DS09, FD791D AS00, FD791D AS01, FD791D AS03, FD791D AS04, FD791D AS05, FD791D AS06, FD791D AS07, FD791D BS00, FD791D BS04, FD791D BS05, FD791D BS06, FD791D CS01, FD791D CS04, FD791D CS05, FD791D CS06, FD791D DS00, FD791D DS01, FD791D DS04, FD611V AS00, FD611V BS00, FD611V CS00, FD611V DS00, FD620D AS17, FD620D BS17, FD620D CS17, FD620D DS17, FD620D ES17, FD620D FS17, 4 Cycle Small Engine

Replaces OEM

Gravely 21527800
Kawasaki 490191055


Fits 5/16" ID fuel line
Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel
Equipment Type 4 Cycle Small Engine

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