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Duck Bill Valve 610345

Duck Bill Valve
Replaces Homelite 69451

Part#: 610345

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Duck Bill Valve

Fits Model

HOMELITE UT-05015 XL-98A UT-05015-A XL-98A UT-05015-B XL98C UT-05037 XL98C Cut Off Saw
HOMELITE 150, 150E, 150W, XL2, UT-10415 Super XL 925, UT-10505B Super EZ AO, UT-104313 Super EZ, UT10501 360 Automatic, UT10501-1 360 Automatic, UT-10415-B Super XL 925, UT-10415-C Super XL 925, UT-10045B, UT-10080-B, XL12, UT-10080-C XL12, UT-10080-D XL12, UT-10445 XL12, UT-10445-A XL12, UT-10445-B XL12, UT-10445-C XL12, UT-10446 XL12, UT-10456 XL12, UT-10456-A XL12, UT-10476 XL12, UT-10488 XL12, UT-10488-A XL12, UT-10488-B XL12, UT-10490 XL12, UT-10526 XL12, UT-10526-A XL12, UT-10526-B XL12, UT-10526-C XL12, UT-10541 XL12, UT-10541-A XL12, UT-10541-B XL12, UT-10541-C XL12, UT-10525-B SXLAO, UT-10535 SXLAO, UT-10535-A SXLAO, UT-10543 SXLAO, UT-10543-A SXLAO, UT-10543-B SXLAO, UT-10548 SXLAO, UT-10548-A SXLAO, UT-10560 SXLAO, UT-10574 SXLAO, UT-10574-A SXLAO, UT-10590 SXLAO, UT-10590-A SXLAO Chainsaw
HOMELITE UT-10591 SXLAO, UT-10591-A SXLAO, UT-10602 SXLAO, UT-10602-A SXLAO, UT-10602-B SXLAO, UT-10645 SXLAO, UT-10651 SXLAO, UT-10655 XL, UT-10080 XL12, UT-10080-A XL12, UT-10415-A Super XL 925, UT-10510 Super XL 925W, UT-10510-A Super XL 925W, UT-10510-B Super XL 925W, UT-10510-C Super XL 925W, UT-10739 SXLAO (Big Red), UT-10650-B SXLAO, (Int'l) UT-10712 SXLAO (Old Blue), UT-10045 SXLAO, UT-10045-A SXLAO, UT-10045-B SXLAO, UT-10045-C SXLAO, UT-10045-E SXLAO, UT-10166 SXLAO, UT-10478 SXLAO, UT-10487 SXLAO, UT-10487-A SXLAO, UT-10489 SXLAO, UT-10489-A SXLAO, UT-10491 SXLAO, UT-10499 SXLAO, UT-10499-A SXLAO, UT-10499-B SXLAO, UT-10525 SXLAO, UT-10525-A SXLAO, UT-10486 410, UT-10537-A Super EZ-AO Chainsaw

Replaces OEM

Homelite 69451


OD .201"
Made by an OEM supplier
Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel
Length .250"
ID .100"
Equipment Type Chainsaw
Equipment Type Cut Of Saw

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