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Clutch Cable 9460710A

MTD Clutch Cable

Part#: 9460710A

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MTD Clutch Cable

Fits Model

MTD 127-282-192 126-234A062 125-138C000 125-148C000 125-238C000 124-137C087 124-232A000 124-528A000 124-848C000 123-117C087 123-528A000 122-236R000 122-528R000 122-826R000 121-232R000 121-236E000 121-524R000 121-838E000 121-838R000 121-848R000 121-898B401 121-898E401 121-898R401 121118R 121C898B401 120-176B000 120-178E000 120-232R000 120-848B000 120-848E000 120897R 120-848R000 120234R 120898B 120548R 120898E 120898R 120874R 120899R 120-238R033 121-528R033 121-238R033 129-837R401 129-838R401 129-826R401 129-836B401 129-836E401 129-836R401 122-528R033 122-238R033 123-118A033 126-238C141 126-238M062 126-528N302 125-238C141 125-528C000 125-528C147 125-528R141 125-848C000 124-138A000 124-138A129 124-138C302 124-146D000 124-238A141 124-528A009 123-118A000 123-118A111 123-118A372 123-118A702 123-118A704 123-118A736 123-118C136 123-232A000 123-236A372 Walk Behind Lawn Mower
MTD 123-238A141 123-528A009 123-528H141 123-848C000 123E848C000 122-236R192 122-238R000 122-238R130 122-238R141 122-238R192 122-848R000 122-848R009 122-848R027 122-848R054 122-848R314 122-528R192 122-838R000 121-233R000 121-234R000 121-236R000 121-238R000 121-526R000 121-528R000 121C898E401 121C898R401 121-238R023 121-238R105 121-238R130 121-238R141 121-238R192 121-528R034 121-528R105 121-528R130 121-528R141 121-528R192 121-528R352 121-848R130 120-178B000 120-234R000 120-236R000 120-238R000 120-236R032 120-236R141 120-236R192 120-236R327 120-238R146 Walk Behind Lawn Mower
YARDMAN 12A-979L062 12A-979L401 12A-979L401 12A-979L402 12A-979L402 12A-959C401 12A-959C401 12A-979C401 12A-979L401 12A-999C401 12A-999L401 12AE979E401 12AE979E401 126-149C401 12AE999M401 126-849C401 124E848M401 126E849E401 123-246C401 125-149A401 125-847F401 124-146D401 124-848L401 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Replaces OEM

MTD 7460710
MTD 7460710A


Cable Length 52"
Equipment Type Walk Behind Lawn Mower

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