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Pressure Washer Valves Parts

Pressure Washer Valves

Ball Valves, Check Valves, and Float Valves are used to control the water flow in pressure washers. If you ever notice a decrease of pressure or water flow in your machine, check for any stuck, broken, or clogged valves.

Ball Valves let you shut off the water flow in the hose, without turning off the pressure washer.
Check Valves allow water to flow in one direction to help regulate the water pressure in the system. If you sense low pressure in your equipment or poor water flow, you might have a bad check valve.
Easy Start Valves eliminate back pressure to reduce the load on the pump and engine so it can start easier.
Float Valves are designed to prevent overfilling a tank when the water level gets too high. As the water level lowers, the float valve reopens and water can continue to flow into the tank.

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