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Arborist Hardware

Locking Rope Snap, Carabiners, Micro Pulley, Figure 8

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Auto Lock Steel Carabiner

4 1/2" Length, 1" Opening, 10,116 lbs. Breaking Strength

Part# 5005

Our Price: $34.90

Auto Lock Aluminum Carabiner

4 1/2" Length, 3/4" Opening, 6700 lbs. Breaking Strength

Part# 5005SA

Our Price: $40.20
Carabiner Ball Lock

Ball Lock Aluminum Carabiner

4 1/4" Length, .91" Opening, 6295 lbs. Breaking Strength

Part# 5555SA

Our Price: $29.00

Non-Locking Aluminum Carabiner

4 1/2" Length, 1 3/16" Opening, 5000 lbs. Breaking Strength

Warning: Not intended for Human Support Or Fall Protection

Part# 5005NA

Our Price: $25.30

Non-Locking Key Chain Carabiner

3" Length, 1/2" Opening, Not Rated Breaking Strength

Warning: Not intended for Human Support Or Fall Protection

Part# 5005NK

Our Price: $8.30

Locking Rope Snap

A locking snap hook that works like a non-locker. The interior lock mechanism does not allow the unit to malfunction due to bent tabs. A bent tab is a typical problem on old locking snap hooks. Also, the new design has a wider opening to ease connecting and detaching to the saddle dee rings. The hinge points are located to make operation easy. Tip of bill to body opening is 15/16". Overall length is 6". Rated to 5000 pounds.

Part# 1706

Our Price: $20.80

Spreader Snap Hook

  • 1" Eye
  • 9" Long
  • 5/8" Opening
  • Rated to 5,000 lbs

  • Part# 3032L

    Our Price: $59.10

    Micro Pulley

    The micro pulley is an inexpensive piece of equipment with multiple uses and benfits. Attaching a micro pulley to your climbing line eliminates the need to advance the friction hitch while climbing. This can be done by the ground man by pulling slack from the line as the climber ascends. Another benefit of the micro pulley is that it maintains a fair lead between the climbing line and friction hitch.

    Part# RP110

    Our Price: $34.40

    Mirco Snap for Use With Micro Pulley

    Part# 251B1

    Our Price: $4.80

    Figure 8

    Part# 5009

    Our Price: $29.35