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Why am I Breaking So Many Belts?

Why am I Breaking So Many Belts? Posted in Lawn Mowers and Small Engines

A very common question out there is, "Why am I replacing belts every year?"

First you should not be having to replace belts every year or more in one year. Below are some tips on things to look for before replacing that third belt this season.

Common Problems

  • The most common problem with deck belts is excessive grass clipping on the deck. Grass clipping can work there way under pulleys and deck covers which can lead to more serious problems. Make sure to clean off your deck after every use following the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Here a big problem that is missed a lot. You know that guard around that pulley that makes it a pain to take off the belt everytime! Well that guard is very essential in keeping the belt in place. Missing belt guards will cause the belt to fly off.
  • Last but not least pulleys can cause big problems. Check pulleys for wear and worn out bearings. If in doubt replace the pulley. Always remember to shut the unit off before attempting any mainetance on the unit. This brings us into the other problem "broken belts".

Jacks recieves many calls each day for replacement belts issues, when a customer tells us this belt is the second one this season being replaced this sends up flags.

The biggest culpert here is bad pulleys. Check the belt for uneven wear or excessive wear. A pulley rides on bearings that allows it to spin freely. When that pulley does not spin freely friction starts between the pulley and the belt. You guessed it, another broken belt. Remember belts do wear out but if you are replacing the same belt more than you should than fix the problem not the symptom.

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