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Chain Saws
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Husqvarna Chain Saws
Husqvarna Buying Guide

Husqvarna Chain Saw Buying Tips:

Safety. Using the correct techniques when you work makes your work a great deal safer and easier. Ask your Husqvarna dealer for Husqvarna’s material on chain saw techniques. Be sure to use approved protective clothing.

The first question you should ask is whether the saw will be used professionally or for private Use. This will determine which type and size of saw you should choose.

Weight and engine size. Remember that a light saw is easier to maneuver if you’re not too experienced. But don’t choose too small an engine: more power gets the job done faster, even if you’re “just” sawing wood!

Size and hardness of the wood. Select a bar length based on the size of the trees. The stronger the engine, the longer the bar you can combine it with.

Ergonomic engineering and design. Low vibration levels in the handle, a slim, well-balanced saw body and a high center of gravity are welcome features, even if you only use the saw for part of the day. Good ergonomics can be just as important as low weight!

Safety features. Efficient kickback protection is a requirement in most countries, but how easy is it to replace a chain catcher stud that has been broken off?

Do you work in winter? Winterization, for instance with heated handles, makes work more efficient and comfortable.

Is the saw easy to maintain and service? Good access to the air filter and spark plug, and chain tensioning from the side save time and effort.

Service. Your saw will have a longer life if regularly serviced by a qualified professional. Your qualified servicing dealer can provide additional advice and tips regarding your chain saw purchase.

Husqvarna Chain Saws

Which type of Husqvarna Chain Saw to Choose
We have divided our Husqvarna Chain Saws into three groups, to make it easier to choose your Husqvarna Chain Saw.

Residential Chain Saws Prosumer Chain Saws Commercial Chain Saws
Residential Saws for Occasional Use
Saws for those who use the saw relatively seldom, and who prioritize ease of use rather than extreme performance. These saws also feature solutions that are otherwise found on the professional saws.
Farm/Ranch/Semi-Pro for Regular Use
These are saws for regular use in a variety of situations. In most cases they share the same basic design as the professional saws. However the engine character is not optimized to quite the same extent, and the semi-pro saws can have slightly lower performance than the professional saws.
Commercial Saws for Professional Use
These saws are designed for daily operation and are intended for users who demand the best. Optimized for particular jobs and climates. Choose from a wide range of saws: from small to really large, depending on the size of the trees it will be used for.
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Husqvarna Chain Saw Bar & Chain
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Chainsaw Safety
Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety:
How to use a chain saw safely and effeciently.
Chainsaw Safety

Chain Saw Manual
Chainsaw Manuals

Chainsaw Care

Chainsaw Maintenance
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