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  1. Robert Schmitt says:

    help? I have 20 hp Ariens Lawn Tractor..purchased in fall of 2014 . left in shed over winter,on start-up found mice in machine up top i think on fly wheel?(i believe that is what it is called) ..they were cleaned out had trouble starting and had old gas, drained cleaned and put new gas in…it did start once ran ,black smoke and shut down,now it just clicks? could i haave broken the starter?

  2. Frank says:

    Ariens 34 ton log splitter,Subaru. Model # 917002 37035G Energy A22096G Control valve. Hydraulic fluid leaks from the joint on the removable top cap. Has 2 screws holding down cap. Does not have a gasket. When first began leaking it looked like grease oozing out. Might that have been liquid gasket material. Should I use gasket sealer and see what happens? Or might the sealent gum up the valve inside. The splitter experienced a roll-over about a year ago and did a little damage to the handle assembly. But all seemed ok. What do you think? ‘Be Kind Now!’

  3. Dave says:

    I have an Ariens 6HP snow blower that I purchased in 1974. The problem originally was a leak in the carburetor relief valve o ring. I replaced the o ring but am having trouble putting it back together.

  4. aubrey leach says:

    I cannot find anything showing how to hook up govenor control and carberator on a22″ inch ariens trimmer with a kohler engine. any help

  5. dennis jeffers says:

    Where is the bypass valve on the pump on a everride warrior o turn mower. thanks

  6. Frank says:

    Where do you bleed the power steering lines on a GT-18?

  7. tom mccabe says:

    Greetings, I have an Ariens razr 21 walk behind. Was cutting the yard when the selfpropelled feature quit working. Cable seems ok. Belt not broken. when I squeeze the trigger for the wheels to turn they lock up. Any ideas? Finding someone to work on it in the Houston area is impossible

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