Lawn Mowers Electric PTO handy Hints

Published on February 20th, 2015 | by Jacks


Electric PTO Clutches Handy Hints

The two most important requirements for a successful clutch application or installation:

  1. Anti-rotation device must allow both axial and radial free-play. Failure to allow this free-play will result in field bearing failure. The greater the restriction the faster the bearing will fail.
  2. Mounting bolt torque to be minimum of:
    3/8"-24 UNF use Grade 8 bolt torqued to 40/45 lb.-ft. (Grade 5 bolt is unacceptable)
    7/16"-20 UNF Grade 5 or 8 bolt torqued to 50-55 lb.-ft. (Grade 5 or 8 bolt is acceptable)
    M 10 X 1.50 Class 10.9 torqued to 55-60 N-m.

Install mounting bolt and retaining washer and torque to spec for the clutch to work properly.

Use Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolt only. Minimum torque:

  • 7/16 in. UNF bolt is 50ftlb/67 Nm
  • 3/8 in. UNF bolt is 31ftlb/42 Nm
  • M10x1.5 bolt is 35ftlb/48 Nm

Most applications that mount directly to the crankshaft use a “CCW” for standard mount (pulley away for engine).
A “CCW” rotation is normally used for reverse mounting (pulley towards engine).
If a clutch is mounted incorrectly then the springs will be run in compression and it will cause the springs to fail.

Warning – Anything less than required mounting torque could result in clutch failure, thus voiding warranty.

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2 Responses to Electric PTO Clutches Handy Hints

  1. don says:

    I have a troy bilt riding lawnmower model 14ay809p063 50″ cut 23hp kohler engine
    I can mow all day in granny low but as soon as i put it in high the pto cuts off I replaced the pto switch and the relay . but to no avail. You can start off in high and blades rotate but ony last for a minute or 2 never cuts off while its in low gear. what do you suggest?
    Thanks for your help

  2. Dale Schultz says:

    Does a kawasaki 23 horse power liquid colled moter have a safety shut down if the water pump blows
    I think my pump blew and now the mower will run but not the blades
    You can drive the mower but as soon as I engage the PTO it dies out
    Shut down the PTO it runs just fine I have taken each spark plug wire off one at a time and the machine will run

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