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  1. Robert Walllace says:

    I am trying to find the float adjustment setting for a Deni carb , PS model, on a Generac 45821 generator. The ID# 32KD10 is stamped in the throttle body. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ray Pena says:

    I ran my Generac 3100 yesterday for a short period of time. Prior to starting I checked the oil added new gas and after a few pulls she started up and ran well for about 5 minutes at which point it would lose power and want to shut off unless you let off the sprayer handle. So I shut it down completely. Today I went to try to start it and the pull wouldn’t even budge I check the oil and upon opening the oil cap gasoline came out mixed with the oil. How does that happen and should I just junk the whole thing. Oh and by the way it was brand new bought about a year and a half ago and used once back then. Not happy.

  3. Bryan says:

    I have a gp5000generator, it won’t keep running unless I keep spraying gas in the carb. Can anyone help me figure this problem out.? T.Y

  4. Ed Edwards says:

    My Generac Generator Guardian Model 005240 . Battery will not hold charge. Generator works fine but eventually all the juice runs out of the battery. I replaced with new battery but problem still persists. Evidently whatever keeps the battery powered up is not working. Can you help?

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