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  1. Paul Kristofek says:

    Nice web site for people that need it–but if someone needs instructions on replacing a Honda mower air filter, should they even be messing with it???

  2. doug hartman says:

    Hi Jack, I have a Honda Hydro Static walk behind model. Seems every year the engine will start with with start fluid assistance than shut down. I was told my mower engine has California emission standards with small injectors that clog easily. Year after year I take it to my local shop and $150 later it is fixed for one season. Great mower but seems like a money pit !!! Outside of removing the carburetor and cleaning myself. Can I clear the clog by running injector fluid in the gas tank ?, and if so do you recommend a continue practice throughout the season to keep clear. I greatly appreciate any advise !!!

    Thanks a Million!!!


  3. Rosaline zoe says:

    Best Website :) I like it it is useful for me.

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