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Published on March 6th, 2015 | by Jacks


Lawn Mower Won’t Start

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Do you want to save a little time, money and frustration at the beginning of the season?

A little preparation will help you do all three. Proper small engine storage is essential for your equipment to operate correctly at the beginning of the season. Read below to find out what you need to do to properly store your Lawn Mower.

1. Proper Battery Storage:

Will the battery spin the engine? Has it sat over the winter and now won’t turn?

A small inexpensive trickle charger can keep the battery fully charged and give your battery a longer life. In the fall you can plug it in and forget it until the spring. It is best to unhook the battery cables even if you don’t use a trickle charger. Some units have computers or other electrical items that put a small draw on the battery. The best you can do for the battery is to remove it from the unit, clean it, store it in a cool dry place, and then hook it up to a trickle charger.

2. Proper Gas Storage

When you parked the unit in storage did you treat the fuel with a good stabilizer?

Gasoline purchased today has a 30 day shelf life. This is due to the mandates put on by the government that the fuel needs to be oxygenated. After the 30 days the aromatic parts of the gas have evaporated enough to cause no starts, poor starts, poor performance, and could even cause engine damage. The base of the gas that is left turns into gum and varnish that leaves deposits in the carburetor, plugging essential passages. It can also leave deposits on the intake valve stem, causing it to hang up and not close properly or even not to close at all. Gasoline treatments such as Stabil can help extend the useful life of gasoline and prevent deposits in the engine parts.

3. For the 2 Cycle Engines

Remember the gas contains an oil mix. The fuel mixture will still deteriorate and cause no starts, poor starts, and even engine damage. If the fuel is not treated as above it can plug the small passages in the carburetor and necessitate its replacement. It will also deteriorate the fuel lines between the carburetor and the tank and even those within the tank.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to shake the storage can before you refuel your equipment. The oil can settle out and you will fill the tank with straight gas!

How to Extend Gas Storage Life

If you have gasoline 30 days old or older discard it, there is no way to renew it. You can extend its life just after you buy it by adding a good stabilizer. This will greatly extend its storage life.


Proper engine storage can save you a lot of headaches and money at the beginning of the season. Following simple procedures can prevent damage and assure you that your equipment will be ready-to-go come spring.

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