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  1. robert spear says:

    carb ajustment specks ,what are they

  2. george burski says:

    I recently bought a old simplicity lawn tractor and it needs to be tuned up badly. The mower deck turns but is not on the mower. Needs new belts.possible battery. Its a classic and would really like to use it this summer. Sand it down and paint it.any idea on a price

  3. John McGrath says:

    Any tips on changing the drive belt on a Simplicity Broadmoor?
    I can’t break the bolt loose on the clutch pulley.

  4. Lee says:

    I have a Simplicity Snowblower model 11570E, mfg no. 1694849. The remote deflector control know will not turn as I cannot push or pull it. (It appears to be frozen). Is there a way to fix this or must I purchase a replacement knob and cable:? Thank you.

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