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How to Install a Quiet Muffler

Posted in Generators

Installing a Quiet Muffler on your small engine or generator is a great way to reduce those loud, annoying exhaust noises.

Some Quiet Mufflers are designed to fit a variety of small engines, while other manufacturers produce quiet mufflers for specific models. It's very important to determine if your equipment's model is compatible with the Quiet Muffler before you attempt to install one.

Consider the size of your engine (HP), the model and size of the resonator, the type of adapter (clamp-on or threaded), and the number of diffuser discs you need.

Here's a basic overview on how to install a Quiet Muffler

1.) Assemble the parts of the muffler, including the diffuser discs and resonator.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

2.) Remove the standard muffler on your equipment.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

3.) Install the Quiet Muffler. Use the adapter to fit the new muffler into the exhaust port.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

Once everything is installed, turn on your equipment to see if there are any exhaust leaks. Your equipment should now be quieter than ever.

If you're interested, read how a quiet muffler works.

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