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Generac iX2000 Oil Change

Generac iX2000 Oil Change Posted in Generators by

Regular maintenance routines are essential for keeping your generator running properly. Following an oil change schedule can prepare your generator for the next big storm.

Refer to your owner's manual for your generators oil change schedule, the oil recommended for your generator, and any specific tools needed for your generator model.

For the Generac iX2000 you will need the following tools:

Changing the Oil

1) Warm up the Engine

To allow the oil to drain easier, start your generator for a few minutes to warm the oil. Then, shut the engine off and allow it to cool before servicing your generator.

2) Remove the Maintenance Cover

Remove the maintenance cover

Remove the maintenance cover using your flathead screwdriver and set aside.

3) Locate and Remove Oil Dipstick

Remove the oil dipstick

The dipstick in the Generac iX2000 Generator is located in the lower left corner of the unit. Twist to remove and set aside.

4) Drain the Oil

Drain oil

The Generac iX2000 Generator does not have a drain plug. Oil has to be drained from the oil fill tube. Tilt the generator slightly until oil begins to run out of the fill tube into the oil drain pan.

5) Refill with New Oil

Fill engine with new oil.

Once you have drained all the oil, insert a funnel into the fill tube and refill the engine with the oil recommended in your owner's manual. Bring the oil level to the upper limit of the oil fill tube neck.

6) Reinstall Oil Dipstick

Fill engine with new oil.

Wipe up any excess oil and screw the oil dipstick back into the oil fill tube.

7) Reattach the Maintenance Cover

Reattach the maintenance cover by using your flathead screwdriver.

8) Check for Leaks

Start your engine for a few minutes and check for any oil leaks.


Regular oil changes help to keep your generator running properly and can prolong the life of your engine. Check your oil level before and after every use to make sure you have the correct amount for your engine to run properly, fill if needed.

Keep your engine prepared for the next bit storm by performing regular oil changes on your generator following the regulations in your owner's manual.