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Highway Service - Maximum Speed - Legal Highway Limits. Jacks can supply your tire needs. We carry a selection of High Speed Trailer Tires for your trailer tire needs with tires shipped right to your door. You're sure to find the trailer tire for your particular needs in the size you need. And don't forget to check out our Tire Accessories & Inner Tubes.
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HS Sawtooth (Kenda)

K353 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K353 Tire Only

K355 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K364 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K364 Tire Only

K371 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K371 Tire Only

K391M Tire Only

K397 Tire Only

K399 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K399 Tire Only

K550 Tire & Wheel Assembly

K550 Tire Only

KR03 Tire & Wheel Assembly

KR03 Tire Only

Rim - Aluminum Directional Spoke

Rim - Aluminum Mini-Mod

Rim - Aluminum Seven Spoke

Rim - Aluminum Star Mag

Rim - Custom White Spoke Steel

Rim - Galvanized

Rim - Log Splitter

Rim - Mini-Mod White Steel

Rim - Standard White Steel