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Husqvarna is considered by many as one of the top brands of Chainsaws in the world. Husqvarna saws are used exclusively by forestry and loggers on the west coast. If those saws can hold up out there, then the home owner has a saw for life. Husqvarna saws are some of the lightest in their class, and each one packs maximum power. Husqvarna saws are easier to start with their Smart Start decompression valve, easier to handle by adding LowVib anti-vibration system, and longer running with Air Injection, a filtering system that lets you work longer between filter cleanings.

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Husqvarna Trimmers: When it comes to quality husqvarna trimmers, Jack's is your place! We have trimmers for every need, for professionals as well as demanding consumers. Easy to operate, efficient and ergonomically designed, all Husqvarna trimmers come equipped with fuel pumps for easier starts. To check out our trimmers and section, go to...Husqvarna Trimmers
Chainsaw Helmets & Protective Clothing: Jack's is your place for all chainsaw protective gear. We strongly recommend the use of chainsaw safety equipment any time you use your chain saw. Because safety records prove a decrease in injuries when this type of chainsaw equipment is used, most professional chain saw logging operations now demand that their operators wear these chainsaw protective items. Take advantage of their experience with chainsaws. Chain Saw Protective Clothing can decrease chain saw injuries. For more info click here...Protective Clothing
Husqvarna Products and Parts: Jack's is your place for quality Husqvarna products and parts. Whether it be husqvarna chainsaws, trimmers, or cut-off saws, Jack's carries all of the best selling models! Even if you are looking for quality replacement parts for your husqvarna equipment, we have database of over 1 million parts ensuring that you will be able to find the exact part you are looking for! If you are still having trouble, use our Husqvarna search at the top of the page. If you haven't checked out our Husqvarna Quick Reference Tool, than you are missing out on one of the many ways to search for Husqvarna parts on our site. To get there, just look to the left hand of this page.
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