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Mower Blades vs. Rocks

In the ultimate showdown between a lawn mower blade vs. a rock, the rock will always win.

Sometimes you can't see them coming. But when you hear that quick grinding sound underneath the mower deck, chances are you just ran over a rock and damaged your blades.

Mower Blade Destruction

Mower blade damage from hitting rocks A damaged mower blade after hitting rocks.

Dents and chips on the edge of the mower blade indicate damage from rocks or stones. This will quickly dull your blade and ruin the quality of cut for your lawn mower.

The sharp edges of the blade will contact a single rock multiple times as it spins around, even if you're cruising at a higher speed. So don't think quickly running over a small rock will prevent any damage to your blade. Stop, pick up the rock, or mow around it.

Rocks can Bend Blades

Rocks can bend blades Hard rocks are strong enough to bend your mower blade.

If you think your mower blades are indestructible, you'll change your mind after you remove a bent blade from under your deck.

Commercial mowers have to be a little bit more careful, since they mow in fields where the ground is a little more treacherous than an average residential lawn.

How to Protect your Mower Blades

  • Scan your lawn for any rocks and debris before you mow.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the turf In front of you to catch any stones that may be hiding in the grass.
  • Trim around rocks first with a string trimmer, so those areas stand out as a warning sign where not to mow.

Mower blades are not the only parts that can be damaged by running over rocks with your mower deck? Check out our article on Spindles vs. Rocks!