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How to Quiet Down Your Generator or Engine

How to Quiet Down Your Generator Posted in Generators

You just bought a generator or engine powered piece of equipment for home or business use. It is a side valve engine that's so common on lower priced units. And its too noisy for you or your neighbors.

You are searching for a muffler that will quiet the generator, lawn mower, or engine exhaust down. Well read on.

The Quiet Mufflers can reduce exhaust noise, below the engines mechanical engine noise. But remember, some generators and engines are just plain noisy. The noise comes from the engine itself.

The side valve engines that are on these generators were designed to be used in environments like construction sites. They were not built to be quiet. The engines on the "quiet" generators were built from the inside out to be smooth and quiet. These engines have extra webbing built in to cancel out the vibrations that make all the noise. They have over head valves to improve how they run and also eliminate the noise caused by the side valve design. Some are even designed to run at only 1800 rpms to cut the noise even further. So if you want a really quiet running generator, you will have to pay out the big bucks for a high priced model.

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