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We carry quality aftermarket Redmax guide bars. GB and Oregon are two of the top manufacturers of chainsaw guide bars in the business. With a selection as broad as ours, chances are we have the exact chainsaw guide bar you are searching for! Know your Redmax Guide Bar Part Number? For your convenience, order it direct using our Parts Database. Or check out our categories to the right, to find the right guide bar for you!

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Large selection of quality Red Max chainsaw bars to choose from. We carry Oregon chainsaw bars to GB & Silver Streak chainsaw bars & chains. No matter what the occasion, these guide bars are meant to keep your Red Max Chainsaw running.
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Silver Bars & Chains For Red Max
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Chain Together!

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Chain Together!

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Chainsaw Accessories

Maintenance Kits:
All kits include each of the following items: Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plug, and 2.6 oz. bottle of 2-Cylce Engine oil.

Chainsaw Maintenance Kits

Protective Safety Gear

Hearing Protectors and Ear Plugs:
Hearing Protection, Landscaper Radios, Earplugs and more..

Hearing Protection