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How High Should You Adjust Your Snow Blower?

How High Should You Adjust Your Snow Blower? Posted in Snowblowers by Todd Myer

You can only adjust the clearance height on a two stage snow blower.

Single stage snow blowers use auger paddles that are meant to come into direct contact with the ground, so height adjustment isn't necessary.

The height (clearance) to adjust the auger housing on your two stage snow blower depends on the surface of the area that you are clearing.

The two most common snow blower surfaces to clear are pavement and gravel.

Paved Surfaces

On paved surfaces, it's possible to leave the height of the auger housing at the lowest clearance. This means the scraper bar and skid shoes will be flush with the clearing surface.

Letting the scraper bar constantly scrape the surface will lead to greater wear on the scraper bar. The scraper bar will wear out eventually, and should be replaced when it is cracked, broken, or over worn. Learn how to replace a scraper bar.

As long as the paved surface you are clearing is free of loose stones or massive cracks, using a lower clearance height will be fine.

Gravel Surfaces

When it comes to clearing snow on a gravel surface, the object is to adjust the clearance height of your auger housing to remove as much snow off the surface as possible, without throwing gravel from your driveway all over your lawn.

There isn't a set clearance height when you are clearing a gravel driveway. It's going to take some experimentation to find the clearance height that clears the most snow while leaving the gravel on your driveway. It is better to start high and work your way down.

On a gravel surface, odds are that no matter what distance you have between the surface and the scraper bar, you're bound to pick up a few stones here and there.

Make sure you position the discharge chute of your snow blower away from anyone or anything that you could harm. Gravel can be thrown twice as far as snow if it makes its way into your snow blower and out the chute.

Learn How to Adjust the Height

If you've made up your mind on how high to adjust your snow blower, the next step is to learn how to adjust the skid shoes. Adjusting the height of the skid shoes is what raises and lowers the clearance of the auger housing and scraper bar.

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