Quiet Spark
Arrestor Muffler

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The Model 3S adapts to a wide range of engines 2 to 50 HP. Recommended for engines up to 10 HP where minimum exhaust noise is required and for larger engines where space is limited.

The Model 5S is designed for engines from 10 to 200 HP. Recommended for engines from 10 HP to 100HP where minimum exhaust noise is required

Quiet Spark Arrestor Muffler
The Quiet Spark Arrestor Muffler Performance Features

- QUIET - Up to one-half the exhaust noise level of any other spark arrestor or compact muffler (2 - 4 dbA quieter). Optional Resonator available for additional 4 to 6 dbA reduction. - COMPACT - Less than one-half the size and weight of all non-screen type spark arrestors.
- U.S.D.A. FOREST APPROVED - Rated at 99.4% spark arresting efficiency (80% required).
- MULTI-POSITION RATED - Approved by U.S.D.A. Forest Service for any mounting position.
- RAIN PROTECTED - No mechanical flapper caps required.
- COOLER EXHAUST - Radial exhaust flow quickly mixes with surrounding air
to reduce exhaust temperature 300 degrees Far. compared to conventional designs.
- DURABLE - All stainless steel and heavy gauge steel construction for rugged service.
- REBUILDABLE - Modular construction allows individual components to be replaced. Have your Part Number? Then enter below to order using our Parts Database!

Choose Your Muffler!

Model 3S
For 2-10 HP and when
Space is Limited!

Model 5S
Our Quietest Muffler for
10 HP and Up!

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