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Piston Rings 130086055

Kawasaki Piston Rings

Part#: 130086055

Kawasaki OEM Part


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Kawasaki Piston Rings

Fits Model

KAWASAKI FH451VAS01, FH451VAS02, FH451VAS03, FH451VAS04, FH451VBS04, FH451VCS01, FH451VCS02, FH451VCS03, FH451VCS04, FH451VAS05, FH451VDS05, FH451VAS06, FH451VAS07, FH451VAS08, FH451VAS09, FH451VAS10, FH451VBS10, FH451VAS11, FH451VBS11, FH451VAS12, FH451VBS12, FH451VAS13, FH451VCS13, FH451VAS14, FH451VAS15, FH451VBS15, FH451VAS16, FH451VBS16, FH451VAS17, FH451VDS17, FH451VAS18, FH451VCS18, FH451VAS19, FH451VAS20, FH451VBS20, FH451VCS20, FH451VAS50, FH451VBS50, FH480VBS20, FH480VCS20, FH480VDS20, FH480VBS21, FH480VCS21, FH480VDS21, FH480VBS22, FH480VCS22, FH480VAS23, FH480VBS23, FH480VAS24, FH480VBS24, FH480VCS24, FH480VDS24 Small Engine 4 Cycle
KAWASAKI FH500VAS00, FH500VBS00, FH500VAS01, FH500VBS01, FH500VAS02, FH500VBS02, FH500VAS03, FH500VBS04, FH500VAS05, FH500VAS06, FH500VAS07, FH500VAS08, FH500VAS09, FH500VAS10, FH500VAS12, FH500VAS13, FH500VAS14, FH500VAS15, FH500VAS16, FH500VAS17, FH500VAS18, FH500VAS19, FH500VAS20, FH500VAS21, FH500VAS23, FH500VAS24, FH500VAS25, FH500VAS26, FH500VAS27, FH500VAS29, FH500VAS30, FH500VAS31, FH500VAS33, FH500VAS35, FH500VAS36, FH500VBS03, FH500VBS04, FH500VBS06, FH500VBS09, FH500VBS10, FH500VBS14, FH500VBS15, FH500VBS20, FH500VBS24, FH500VBS31, FH500VBS36, FH500VCS10, FH500VCS14, FH500VDS10, FH500VDS31, FH500VES04, FH500VES10, FH500VES36, FH500VFS10, FH500VHS10, FH500VAS38, FH500VAS39, FH500VAS40, FH500VAS42, FH500VAS43, FH500VBS43, FH500VCS43, FH531VAS01, FH531VAS05, FH531VAS07, FH531VAS08, FH531VAS10, FH531VAS11, FH531VAS50, FH531VBS05, FH531VBS06, FH531VBS07, FH531VBS08, FH531VBS50, FH531VCS07, FH531VCS50, FH531VDS50, FH531VES50, FH531VFS50 Small Engine 4 Cycle
TORO 74401, 74405, 74405FR, 74801 Lawn Mower Riding

Replaces OEM



Equipment Type Small Engine 4 Cycle
Equipment Type Lawn Mower Riding
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