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Lawn Mower & Power Equipment Tires: Is your lawn mower, tractor, or ATV tire due for a change? If a tire is damaged or showing some wear and tear, it’s time to replace it! Expensive damage to the rims may occur if the tire is not changed when needed. Jack's carries a wide range of tires for several equipment types including mowers, snow blowers, ATVs, trailers, golf carts, and more. We also have replacement Wheels.

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sylHow to Measure a Lawn Mower Tire: The sidewall of your tire will have a two or three number system
identifying the size of your tire (in inches).

Three Number Size: 13 x 5 - 6
1st Number: Height
2nd Number: Width
3rd Number: Rim Diameter

Two Number Size: 4 x 6
1st Number: Width
2nd Number: Rim Diameter
Tire Size