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Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors
Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Buying Guide

Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld wants to help make it easy for you to do it like a pro. Here are some considerations when choosing an air compressor.

1. What type of projects do you plan to do?

Air compressors are used for a wide range of applications, from inflating tires to operating a factory. It’s helpful to consider all the projects you plan to do, and all the tools you plan to use, both now and in the future. Some air tools require more air (CFM) than other types of tools. Try to plan ahead and think of the tools you may use in the future when choosing an air compressor.

Project Recommended type of compressor
Inflation and Fastening Smaller, portable compressor (up to 6 gallons)
Tire inflation  
Auto/home maintenance Horizontal or vertical tank compressors (7-29 gallons)
Removing bolts  
Spray painting  
Auto restoration and woodworking Larger compressor (30+ gallons)
*does not include using sanders  
Shop air  
Facility operation Larger compressor (60+ gallons)
Industrial application Two-stage air compressor (60+ gallons)

2. How often do you plan to use the air compressor?

Your frequency of use will impact your selection. If you plan to use a compressor a few times each month for tire inflation, Campbell Hausfeld recommends a tire inflation air compressor. In order to operate some air tools and inflate tires on an occasional basis, CH recommends home and auto maintenance compressors that range from 7-29 gallons. If you want to use most auto restoration tools occasionally, you will need a 30 gallon or larger compressor (note that sanders typically require a 60 gallon compressor).

If you plan to use a compressor every day, such as in a shop environment, you will need a high performance air compressor designed for every day use. Campbell Hausfeld recommends 60 gallon or larger commercial-grade air compressors to fit this level of usage.

3. What type of power do you have available?

If you want to run your compressor on your household circuit, you just need to check that the compressor operates on 115 volt, 15 amp circuit. Campbell Hausfeld compressors (up to 30 gallons) operate on your household circuit.

Larger compressors need more power to operate. Compressors larger than 30 gallons operate on 230 volt, single-phase power.

Two-stage compressors (10 hp and larger) operate on three-phase power only.

If no electrical power is available, you will need a gas air compressor.