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One of the best ways to keep your equipment looking like new is to use a Cover. If you store your equipment outside, a cover will protect against rain, snow, dirt, rodents, bird debris, and sun damage. For inside storage, a cover will prevent dust from collecting in the nooks and crannies of your equipment, like the engine parts.

Jack's has atv covers, generator covers, lawn mower covers, snow blower covers, and many more. We're proud to carry a large selection of universal covers from Classic Accessories. Start protecting your equipment today! Select the equipment cover you need below.

Cover Maintenance and Care

Covers are designed to protect your outdoor equipment investment, by keeping the equipment clean and dry. When your covers do get dirty, follow these simple washing and storing instructions.

Washing your Covers:

• Remove any large debris from the covers. Rinse off the covers with a hose. Use mild, warm soapy water (nothing abrasive or with harsh chemicals).
• Use a soft rag to scrub the dirt and dip in the soapy water repeatedly.
• Rinse off with a hose and allow to dry. If possible, hang from an overhang, as long as the covers don't touch the ground.
• If covers were hung to dry, make sure they are totally dry before placing back on equipment.

We recommend never to put your covers in the washing machine. The harsh soap and agitation could destroy the covers. We recommend the good old hose down method.

Storing your Covers:

• It's always best to clean your covers before storing for prolonged periods of time. Make sure your covers are totally dry before storing. If water is trapped in the covers in storage, they may develop mildew. Mildew occurs when water can't escape and evaporate.
• Once dry, fold your cover up neatly. Place the cover back into it's original packaging.

Once safely back in the packaging, put the covers indoors or in a covered area so they aren't exposed all year long. This will make your covers last much longer.
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