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  1. Robert Schmitt says:

    help? I have 20 hp Ariens Lawn Tractor..purchased in fall of 2014 . left in shed over winter,on start-up found mice in machine up top i think on fly wheel?(i believe that is what it is called) ..they were cleaned out had trouble starting and had old gas, drained cleaned and put new gas in…it did start once ran ,black smoke and shut down,now it just clicks? could i haave broken the starter?

  2. Frank says:

    Ariens 34 ton log splitter,Subaru. Model # 917002 37035G Energy A22096G Control valve. Hydraulic fluid leaks from the joint on the removable top cap. Has 2 screws holding down cap. Does not have a gasket. When first began leaking it looked like grease oozing out. Might that have been liquid gasket material. Should I use gasket sealer and see what happens? Or might the sealent gum up the valve inside. The splitter experienced a roll-over about a year ago and did a little damage to the handle assembly. But all seemed ok. What do you think? ‘Be Kind Now!’

  3. Dave says:

    I have an Ariens 6HP snow blower that I purchased in 1974. The problem originally was a leak in the carburetor relief valve o ring. I replaced the o ring but am having trouble putting it back together.

  4. aubrey leach says:

    I cannot find anything showing how to hook up govenor control and carberator on a22″ inch ariens trimmer with a kohler engine. any help

  5. dennis jeffers says:

    Where is the bypass valve on the pump on a everride warrior o turn mower. thanks

  6. Frank says:

    Where do you bleed the power steering lines on a GT-18?

  7. tom mccabe says:

    Greetings, I have an Ariens razr 21 walk behind. Was cutting the yard when the selfpropelled feature quit working. Cable seems ok. Belt not broken. when I squeeze the trigger for the wheels to turn they lock up. Any ideas? Finding someone to work on it in the Houston area is impossible

  8. Susan says:

    I can’t pull the cord on my mower to start it. I’ve checked the oil and filled the gas tank. It had gas in it over the winter, but it’s been running fine up until two weeks ago. I didn’t know what, if anything, to do before storing it last winter. Always in shed or garage.

  9. phillip trout says:

    Have a Ariens model 927030 11 hp riding mower change the friction disc and put new belts on mower runs great just won’t go in reverse need help

  10. Phil Oliver says:

    How do you change the drive friction disc on a snow blower MOD. # 10965 SER. # 003798
    Please reply( ASAP)

  11. can you folks send diagram of replacing the parts to the cylinder head of my ariens 208 cc snowblower deluxe 28
    I replaced the parts having trouble with parts on carb. gaskets in what place. thank you

  12. Jerry says:

    I can’t find any thing to help me with repair of the remote axle lock on my Ariens ST28LE Delux . Adjusting the cable did not help. I took the bottom panel off and can see where the problem is, but I don,t know what is causing the problem, or how to do to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Model No. is 921022
    ps I can’t get the wheel to lock

  13. Richard says:

    My 21HP B&S engine on Ariens riding mower freezes when I try to start. I replaced battery & had tested. However , when I move the fly wheel by hand, it will than start. Any suggestions?

    • Steve says:

      I”ve had that problem twice on my 17.5 Ariens and others. If you stop the damn thing in the wrong place it won’t turn over. I’m pretty sure the piston is on the way up on the compression stroke the highest pressure in the cycle and it just can’t quite ommph itself over the top. You used the tight cure, charge battery, replace battery, beat you head on the wall doesn’t work but turning it just a little bit does the trick. Either way will work, either before top or back it off a bit so it can get a run at it. Nothing really wrong with the motor it’s just one of those kinky things that can mess up your day.

    • Mark says:


      I am having the same problem with my 17.5 HP Ariens. I was told that is liquid locked, and that I need to check the float assembly on the carburetor. If you get strong Gas Smell, then it is probably the problem. Float is sticking and gas drains into the cylinder so when you try and start, it can’t start because it is pushing against liquid not vapors. Rocking the flywheel back and forth will sometimes allow the gas to drain out of the cylinder and then it starts.

  14. Nancy Perry says:

    Where is the spark plug located on an Ariens riding mower model 93603700?

  15. Mike Mehringer says:

    I have a Ariens EZR 1648 modal 303777 type 1142-a1 Left rear wheel will not engage make grinding noise any suggestions how to fix or common problems

  16. KEITH HOYT says:

    I have an old tiller that I want to make a trailer mover and I need to put bigger tires on it..where can I buy two rims fore the drive size’s 21x17x8 or 23×10.5×12.. the old tiller is a ARIENS.. with bad times.. thanks keith

  17. I recently purchased a trac con kit for my Aries zero turn. It came with instructions on how to put them on a walk behind snow blower. Where would I go to print off instructions on putting them on my mower? (Or, I’m in no hurry, if you have them and would mail them out to me)

  18. Tony says:

    I have an Ariens Razor BBC 911177 and I need to replace the belt and can’t seem to figure out how to get to it. I can’t seem to drop the clutch.

    Can you help?

  19. keith housken says:

    Mark: I have a ST824 Ariens snow blower with an 8hp motor. how much oil does it hold?

    I don’t want to overfill it

  20. Alan says:

    I have an Ariens 1130dle when I’m in drive and shooting snow it’s slowly stops to shoot the snow what problem would that be

  21. becki says:

    my chute on my ariens snowblower is very loose-can’t control when it turns.what’s wrong and how do I fix it?

  22. becki says:

    I have a ariens platinum 30 snowblower. the snow chute is now very loose. how do we fix it? what parts are we goingto need?

  23. becki says:

    i have a ariens platinum 30 snowblower. the snow chute turns whenever it wants to . how do we fix it and what parts are we going to need?

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