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Power Cutter Maintenance Routines

From Husqvarna

To optimise the life and reliability of your Power Cutter, it's important to service it regularly. Here are a few points that will help you bring order to your product service.

Below are Daily Routines, Weekly Routines and Monthly Routines:

Daily Routines:

  • Check that throttle components work correctly.
  • Clean the pre-filter.
  • Check the tension of the drive belt.
  • Check the condition of the cutting blade.
  • Check the condition of the blade guard.
  • Check the starter and the starter cord; clean the outside of the starter's air intake.
  • Check that all nuts and bolts are tightened correctly.
  • Check that the short-circuiting contact functions.

Weekly Routines:

  • Check the main filter.
  • Check that the handles and anti-vibration elements are not damaged.
  • Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.5 mm.
  • Check the starter and recoil spring.
  • Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder.
  • Clean the carburetor.

Monthly Routines:

  • Check the clutch drum, drive-pulley, and clutch springs with regard to wear.
  • Clean the outside of the carburetor.
  • Check the fuel filter and the fuel hose, change if necessary.
  • Clean the inside of the fuel tank.
  • Check all cables and connections.


Performing proper maintenance routines will keep your power cutter in proper working condition. Keeping up with the regular maintenance routines will keep your leaf blower ready for anytime you may need it, prevent damage and save you money in the long run.

Jack's Safety Tips: Before servicing or repairing any power equipment, disconnect the spark plug and battery cables. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer.

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