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Published on March 9th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Common Lawn Mower Pulley Problems and Fixes

Below are some common pulley problems you may encounter, the possible causes of those problems, and our recommendations on how to fix the problems.

Pulley Problem – Frozen or sluggish pulley

Possible Cause Recommended Solution
Defective bearing Replace with new bearing.
Bent shaft Remove pulley and replace shaft. Inspect for damage to bearings and replace as necessary.

Pulley Problem – Excessive noise

Possible Cause Recommended Solution
Belt slipping on pulley face Adjust tension at take-up device.
Loose mounting Tighten mounting. Check level and alignment of pulley shaft or belt will not track properly.
Bearing not adequately lubricated If bearing is excessively worn, replace with new bearing. Check fit of inner race to ensure against bearing distortion.
Check level and alignment at pulley shaft. Check shaft for straightness.
Bent shaft from pulley Remove pulley to replace shaft. Inspect bearings for damage and replace as necessary.
Loose bearing mount Tighten bearing lock mounting bolts. Check level and alignment of pulley shaft.

Pulley Problem – Excessive wear to belt or pulley face

Possible Cause Recommended Solution
Belt tension too low. Belt slips on pulley causing wear Adjust take-up tension until slippage ceases.
Gritty material ground between belt and pulley Clean pulley face and pulley side of belt by brushing and wiping. Guard against spillage between belt and pulley.
Splicing fasteners protruding Tighten or replace fasteners as necessary.
Oil or grease on lagging Remove oil or grease. If lagging has deteriorated, replace pulley.

If you are still having problems with your pulley, you may want to consider replacing your pulley.

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6 Responses to Common Lawn Mower Pulley Problems and Fixes

  1. kc says:

    Replaced spindle then pulley cammed out replaced pulley and it cammed out again eventually shearing of the bolt within an hour of replacing

  2. Robert hudson says:

    My belt went between the idler arm wheel and the arm. How do I get it out?

  3. Sue says:

    What is a sheave on a mower?

  4. Harold Eubanks says:

    Honda HA4120 76137V09D01 is obsolete. Is there a replacement? Isn’t this deck John Deere?

  5. Mary Margaret Schenk says:

    How do I replace the pulley on my John Deere riding mower? 100 series

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