Five-Minute Mower Fixes Under $5

Have five bucks lying around? Instead of a $5 footlong or your weekly lottery tickets, check out these cheap lawn mower quick fixes in five minutes or less!


Changing Spark Plug

Time: 1-2 minutes

Replacing an old worn out spark plug will ensure your mower starts quickly and runs efficiently. See How to Replace a Spark Plug.

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Replacing Fuel Filter

Time: 5 minutes

A new clean fuel filter will improve fuel efficiency and help prevent an expensive carburetor rebuild.

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Cleaning/Replacing Air Filter

Time: 2-3 minutes

Many air filters can be cleaned periodically before they wear out. If your mower has a foam prefilter, you can gently soak it in soap and water, then let dry. Pleated air filters can be cleaned out with a quick shot of air from an air compressor. Replace the air filter at the recommended intervals outlined in your owner’s manual. See How to Replace the Air Filter.

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Oil Change

Time: 5 minutes

Changing the oil in your lawn mower at the recommended intervals (refer to owner’s manual) ensures the engine components are properly lubricated and running clean during operation.

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