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Published on February 27th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Generac Generator Oil Change

Does your Generac Generator need an oil change? Regular maintenances and oil changes help to keep your generator running properly.

It is recommended to change your generator’s oil after the first month or 20 hours of use. After the initial oil change, every 6 months or 100 hours of use is the recommended.

Before starting refer to your owner’s manual for your models specific oil brand, oil amount, maintenance schedule, and any tools needed for your generator.

Tools needed:

*Before servicing your generator, make sure the generator is turned off, all receptacles are unplugged, and the spark plug is disconnected, to reduce the risk of accidental start-up.

Changing the Oil

1) Warm the Engine

Warming the oil by turning on the engine for a few minutes allows it to drain easier. Once the oil is warm, shut off your engine and allow it to cool before servicing your generator.

2) Oil Drain Pan

Place the oil drain pan below the generator.

Place the oil drain pan under your generator to catch the oil when drained.

3) Remove Oil Dipstick

Remove the oil dipstick

4) Locate Drain Plug

Locate the drain plug.

5) Drain the Oil

Locate the drain plug.

Loosen the drain plug with your socket wrench and drain the oil from the engine making sure to catch it with your oil drain pan.

6) Reinstall Oil Drain Plug

Locate the drain plug.

7) Refill with New Oil

Locate the drain plug.

Place the funnel in the oil fill tube and refill with the proper brand of oil recommended in your owner’s manual. Fill until the oil reaches the threads in the oil fill tube.

8) Reinstall Oil Dipstick

Locate the drain plug.

Screw the oil dipstick back into the oil fill tube and wipe up any excess oil.

9) Check for Leaks

Start your engine for a few minutes and check for any oil leaks.


Regular oil changes can keep your generator running smoothly for the next power outage. Check your oil before and after every use to make sure you have the proper amount to run your generator by removing the dipstick. Fill with oil if needed.

Oil changes that are done on a regularly scheduled basis can prolong the life of your engine and keep it running properly so you won’t be left in the dark during a power outage.

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2 Responses to Generac Generator Oil Change

  1. Peter Mennie says:

    I have a Homelite 5500 gen. It starts fine, runs for 30 minutes and then shuts down. Doesn’t get hot, oil is clean, fuel maintenance is good.

  2. Roy Peters says:

    I have an older generac generator with only 400 hours on it. It has an oil leak where the filter is mounted to the engine. It looks like a gasket leak. What to do?

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