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  1. Robert Walllace says:

    I am trying to find the float adjustment setting for a Deni carb , PS model, on a Generac 45821 generator. The ID# 32KD10 is stamped in the throttle body. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ray Pena says:

    I ran my Generac 3100 yesterday for a short period of time. Prior to starting I checked the oil added new gas and after a few pulls she started up and ran well for about 5 minutes at which point it would lose power and want to shut off unless you let off the sprayer handle. So I shut it down completely. Today I went to try to start it and the pull wouldn’t even budge I check the oil and upon opening the oil cap gasoline came out mixed with the oil. How does that happen and should I just junk the whole thing. Oh and by the way it was brand new bought about a year and a half ago and used once back then. Not happy.

  3. Bryan says:

    I have a gp5000generator, it won’t keep running unless I keep spraying gas in the carb. Can anyone help me figure this problem out.? T.Y

  4. Ed Edwards says:

    My Generac Generator Guardian Model 005240 . Battery will not hold charge. Generator works fine but eventually all the juice runs out of the battery. I replaced with new battery but problem still persists. Evidently whatever keeps the battery powered up is not working. Can you help?

    • Test the alternator on the generator. It may be the culprit.

    • Big Frank says:

      Just went thru same thing-after draining old fuel (with Stabil fuel stabilizer in it) changing fuel valve,installing all new fuel hoses, new inline fuel filter and would only run when sprayed with carb cleaner-it means your carb is “gunk ed up” with a jelly like material that is the remains of your fuel after the solvents have all dissipated and needs to be removed and cleaned with carb cleaner. I have a Generac GP6500 almost new but never emptied the gas only added stabilizer to it. When I took of the carb and took it apart there was a brownish jelly like material at the bottom of the fuel bowl under the carb and the residue was about 3/8 inch thick. Sprayed everything with valvoline HD carb cleaner including taking the bolt out of the bottom of the carb and cleaning out the hole in the bolt that allows the gas to go up to the carb. After everything was cleaned I reinstalled it and pulled the cord and “Houston we have ignition”.

  5. Anthony Spencer says:

    I have Generac power washer I bought at a garage sale I changed oil, plug, O rings, cleaned the carburetor and the fuel tank it sat for year they said . It runs good and the pressure is good when its on the pressure that is , The pressure goes on and off but when its on its good , I have take the throttle to low then high and that doesn’t work all the time . I hope you can help me . M# 01439-0 , TYPE 4200CP, S# 6703023, GPM 2, PSI 2100

  6. Anthony Dirienzi says:

    I have a generac gen 15k. I forgot to turn off circuit breaker on gen before I turned house power on it made a buzzing noise now it doesn’t have voltage at outlets the regulator has lights the one that says regulator is flickering. if u have any idea can you please let me know .Thank you

  7. Kt says:

    I bought a generac GP 5500 that literally has never been used, it was sitting outside this guys house since 2012 (4 years) never started. I got the motor running fine, but it is only putting out 3.4 volts. This thing had pincher bugs living in the windings. I ordered a new AVR but since it has nev even been started i Doubt its the avr, brushs look good. Just trying to figure this out. It has to be something stupid that im overlooking.

  8. jim miller says:

    fuel jet kept falling out-“o”ring–can not find o ring fab.small wire over bowl spring repaird !! on troy built gen 8500

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