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  1. Paul Kristofek says:

    Nice web site for people that need it–but if someone needs instructions on replacing a Honda mower air filter, should they even be messing with it???

    • Kristine says:

      Hi Paul–

      Rookie housewives find this stuff fun and like to tinker since we are now wearing the pants.
      Don’t get your panties in a bunch!

      Kristine Anne

  2. doug hartman says:

    Hi Jack, I have a Honda Hydro Static walk behind model. Seems every year the engine will start with with start fluid assistance than shut down. I was told my mower engine has California emission standards with small injectors that clog easily. Year after year I take it to my local shop and $150 later it is fixed for one season. Great mower but seems like a money pit !!! Outside of removing the carburetor and cleaning myself. Can I clear the clog by running injector fluid in the gas tank ?, and if so do you recommend a continue practice throughout the season to keep clear. I greatly appreciate any advise !!!

    Thanks a Million!!!


    • Kristine says:

      Hi Doug– 100% gasoline (no ethanol) will solve your issue. Leaving fuel in the off season CAN become stale and then varnish will form. ETHANOL will attract water and will rust the works up and deteriorate your seals inside the Carb.

      Your local repair shop has serious overhead since you live in communist California. $150 is a lot of money! Learning to rebuild your carbonator is easy. Hey, for less than $150 you could buy a new one and put it on!

      Kristine Anne

  3. Rosaline zoe says:

    Best Website 🙂 I like it it is useful for me.

  4. Tcore says:

    I have a honda 6500 generator that when the starter cord is pulled the engine kicks back, rips the cord from your hand and pulls the cord back so hard as to rip the handle off. Cranks smooth with the plug out. Valves adjusted. Oil level fine.
    Any ideas?

    • Kristine says:

      Hi– You have flooded your engine and vapor locked it up. Take the breather off and start without it on.

  5. Buddy Amberg says:

    Have trail wagon UTV with 11 horse honda motor. While riding the battery fell off, pulling cable ends off and ground wire off. Everything else looks ok. When battery came off engine was still running. After turning off and trying to restart it is not firing. Replaced two fuses. Need help!

  6. Tom says:

    I have a Honda HR194SXA lawnmower, The cable control for the carburetor, I get one end set but the other is off back and forth. I do I get this adjustment? I would appreciate some direction on this,


  7. Locklyn Whynot says:

    Hello Jack – I have a Honda snow blower model HS928 it has been leaking hydrostatic transmission oil from below the machine I had service man put in a new axle seal and they also replaced the tank oil assembly with the oil tube but it still leaks hydrostatic transmission oil. do you have any idea what is wrong with this machine. Thanks Locklyn

  8. Richard Lunsford says:

    Honda GX240 OHV 8hp Little Beaver Auger runs/digs strong for 20 min. then shuts down…. hour or so later might start up or not….? ** Only thing I can find that stands out, needs a muffler. Any thought and Thanks

    • Ken says:

      The engine probably has a spark arrester screen located at the muffler. In a two cycle engine, it becomes clogged and creates back pressure. Remove the two bolts holding the muffler, and remove the muffler and screen. Clean the screen with carberater cleaner and compressed air, and remount both. This is an easy maintenance procedure for small two cycle engines.

  9. Tom says:

    I have a honda generator with a gx390 engine that starts easy but will run only a minute or less. I can not figure out the problem.

    • Brandon says:

      I would probably start with the basics if you haven’t already. Clean out the carburetor and check the spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter to see if they might need to be replaced.

  10. William Powell says:

    Hello I have a Honda 3813 that needs a starter motor. Can you point me in the right direction to getting it replaced. Have been told engine needs to be removed and drive shaft and gearbox. Please say it aint so.

  11. Mike says:

    I have a Honda HRX mower that cranks on the first or second pull and then runs smoothly for 5-10 minutes. Then it starts to cut-out and lose power momentarily, and then recovers for several seconds before repeating the cut-outs. It will run continuously until cut off manually.
    I have checked carb, air filter, replaced spark plug, and tried adjusting air-fuel mixture. No success. Thanks for your suggestions. Mike

  12. Marcella says:

    How do you clean the carburetor? I’ve done the air filter part, the spark plug part, and would like to do this next. Please post a new video, your’s are the easiest to understand.
    Thank you.

  13. John says:

    Have an eu 6500is generator inverter. Runs for about 20 min. Then starts surging and dies. Any ideas?

  14. Kevin says:

    Hi I have a Honda mower model HRR2162PDC, It take 5-6 to get engine start? First couple pull a have it in full choke ( won’t start) then move the choke to slow couple pull then engine start. The first couple pull the engine won’t start, I took spark plug out I did not see any wet gas in the spark plug, if I spray carburetor cleaner in the carb ( air filter took it out) the engine start right away. What I have to do to get the engine start after 1or 2 pull? I have clean the carb, new spark plug, new oil, new air filter. Please Help.

  15. Calvin mitchiner says:

    Have a 5518 honda tractor. Last year drove into barn and parked. This year will not fire-not getting gas-will fire on starting fluid. ALLSO right rear wheel is locked up and will not roll.i can rock back and forth but will not roll. What could have happened?

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