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Published on September 9th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How Grass Catchers Work

What is a Grass Catcher?

A grass catcher is attached onto the back of a mower and is part of a collection system,  it is used to collect grass clippings instead of leaving them laying on the lawn.  Collection systems can be used on riding mowers and zero turns while grass bags are attached to the back of walk behind mowers.  Some have cloth bags, others have plastic housing that bags are placed in to.


  • Fabric – Bag
  • Mesh – Bag
  • Plastic Housing – What holds the bag
  • Wire Frame – Inserted into the bag to hold it on to walk behind mowers


  • Back of the mower

How it works

Grass Bags:

  • Grass passes directly through the mulching door on the back of a walk behind mower into the collection bag.

Grass Collection Systems:

  • When the grass is mowed the air flow from the blades propels the clippings into the collection chute.
  • After traveling through the collection cute the grass is deposited into the grass bags.

Maintenance tips

  • Don’t mow wet grass. Wet grass sticks inside the chute and bags and can cause clogging.
  • Long clippings can also clog the system, do not mow in tall grass when using a grass bagger.
  • See How to Replace the Grass Bag on a Walk Behind
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