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Published on July 20th, 2016 | by Brandon


How Oil Filters Work

What is an Oil Filter?

An oil filter is a cylindrical object that often “spins” onto a part of a 4-stroke engine. Oil pumps through this filter to remove any debris and keep the oil clean. Dirty oil can pit your engine and cause various other problems.


  • Metal (Container) – the “can”
  • Rubber (Gasket)
  • Synthetic Fibers (Filter)


  • Typically on the side of the engine,  it will be sticking out horizontally

How it Works:

  • The filter screws onto the engine
  • The engine pumps oil into the filter
  • The oil is pushed through the synthetic fiber filter that is inside of the “can”
  • The filtered oil is pushed back out of the “can” and into the engine

Maintenance Tips:


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