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Published on October 15th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How Self Propelled Mowers Work

What is a Self-Propelled Mower?

Self-propelled mowers are push mowers with a drive wheel. The drive wheel assists you while using your walk behind mower so you don’t have to put as much effort into pushing the mower.

Self-propelled mowers use a front or rear drive wheel, and some even come with All Wheel Drive (AWD) just like on a car. This means that power goes to all four wheels making them excellent for slopes, hills and rough terrain.

Most self-propelled mowers give you the option to mulch, bag, or side discharge the clippings.

Main Components:

  • Deck
  • Blades – usually made of steel
  • Drive Belt
  • Handle/Levers
  • Wheels
  • Engine

How it works:

  • Pull down the clutch lever – typically the top lever on the handle-  and pull the starter cord to power up the engine.
  • The engine powers up the mower and the blade begins to rotate.
  • The operator pulls on the drive control lever-typically the lower lever on the handle – to engage the drive wheel and propel the mower forward.
  • The blades spin underneath the deck at a high speed causing them to cut the grass.

Maintenance Tips:

Featured Parts:


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5 Responses to How Self Propelled Mowers Work

  1. Roy E Good says:

    Hey i have a toro recycler it’s a couple of years old. It won’t start so I replaced spark plug cleaned carb and all the ports. Replaced air filter. Still nothing. If you spray starter fluid into the carb it will run but you stop it stops
    Any help would be great thanks and have a bless day.

  2. Nancy MacLachlan says:

    Hello Jack’s DIY

    I am trying to get my mower started. It is 3-4 years old. A battery operated duramax model 20″
    I have charged up the battery and it seems to be full. (think I got it at Lowe’s) When I push the starter button and lift bar along the handle nothing happens, at all. No click or sputter. Is there something else on a battery lawn mower to check? Should I try to get a new battery? Where do I get such a battery. I have tried to look it up on Lowe’s website, but nothing there.

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nancy

  3. I have a Scotts 21″ self propelled mower. My issue is Rear wheels will not engage/disengage.
    Motor off. Rear wheels will not turn. Rear Wheels off the ground will not turn. |Not touching the engagement bar. With engagement handle released there is clerance between the drive plate and the engagement wheel. So, you would think that it would free wheel at this time.
    Any ideas?

  4. Ray Klein says:

    I have a Husqvarna HU700F with the Honda engine. The drive cable wore out and I purchased one to replace it. I had removed the old one to order new, and have forgotten how to assemble, please furnish a schematic, thanks. Ray from R.I.

  5. Ray Klein says:

    The mower is so good, it is worth repairing, and I am capable, however need the proper direction to do so. Thanks so much for your assistance. Regards…

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