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Published on November 17th, 2016 | by Brandon


How to Adjust the Traction Drive Clutch on Your Ariens Power Brush

Separate the brush assembly and frame and remove the attachment drive belt from the engine sheave in order to change traction drive belt.
Make sure that you are supporting the frame and brush assembly when you begin to loosen the cap screws that are holding the frame and brush assembly together.

These instructions are specifically for the Ariens 921 series brushes. Always consult and be familiar with your owner’s manual for information specific to your unit. Take the proper safety precautions laid out in your manual when working on your equipment.

  1. Remove attachment drive belt.
  2. Remove the swing gate spacer so that the drive plate can be brought up and over until the finger is out of the frame and the drive plate can swing past the stop hole in the frame.
  3. Pull the idler away from the traction drive belt.
  4. Remove the belt from the idler, crankshaft pulley and driven pulley.
  5. Replace traction drive belt.
  6. Move the drive plate toward the friction disc until the finger is in the stop hole in the frame.
  7. Reinstall the swing gate spacer.
  8. Check to make sure that the drive plate spring remains connected to the frame and drive plate.

  9. Replace the attachment drive belt.

For information about safety, warranty, and your specific model, read and be familiar with your owner’s manual.

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