Tillers How to Unpack and Assemble the Honda FG110 Mini Tiller

Published on May 7th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Assemble the Honda FG110 Mini Tiller

Is your tiller sitting in your garage in the box, and you just aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Don’t worry! Here are step by step instructions on how to get your tiller out of the box and running in no time

Step 1:

Open up the box.

Step 2:

Remove the bottle of oil, owner’s manual and packing tube.

Step 3:

Carefully remove the mini tiller.

Step 4:

Slightly lift the tiller to unfold the handle.

Step 5:

Be sure the cables don’t get crimped or pinched when unfolding the handle.

Step 6:

Remove the packing material from the handle.

Step 7:

Tighten the bolts on the handle securely.

Step 8:

Remove the remaining packaging.

Step 9:

The tiller will ship without oil in the engine, do not start the engine before adding oil.

Step 10:

Put the tiller on a level surface.

Step 11:

Tip forward onto the carrying handle.

Step 12:

Remove the oil filler cap.

Step 13:

Add the entire bottle of oil that came with the tiller.

Step 14:

Install oil fill cap and wipe up any spills.

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