Lawn Mowers How to Change the Oil and Oil Filter in an Ariens Zoom 42" Zero Turn

Published on April 29th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Change the Oil and Filter in an Ariens Zoom Zero Turn

Every mower is different with how you change the oil, so you may be wondering what is the proper way to change the oil on your Ariens Zoom 42″ Zero Turn mower.

Don’t worry, everything you need to know is located below! Follow along step by step and have fresh oil in your engine in no time!

Be sure to check your owner’s or service manual for model specific information such as the type of oil and a recommended service schedule.

What You Will Need:

  • Ariens Zoom Zero Turn
  • Shallow Pan
  • Empty Container
  • Fresh Oil (see owners manual for suggested oil)

Remember! : Change your oil while your engine is still slightly warm!

Step 1:

Clean area around oil fill/dipstick.

Step 2:

Remove drain plug and oil fill/dipstick.

Step 3:

Allow the oil to drain completely.

Step 4:

Clean area around oil filter.

Step 5:

Place a container underneath of the oil filter to catch any oil that may drip from it.

Step 6:

Wipe off the mounting surface.

Step 7:

Reinstall drain plug and torque to 13.6 N∙m (10 ft. lb.).

Step 8:

Place new filter in a shallow pan with the open end up.

Step 9:

Fill it up with new oil until the oil reaches the bottom of the threads.

Step 10:

Allow roughly 2 minutes for the oil to be absorbed by the material inside the filter.

Step 11:

Apply a thin layer of clean oil to the rubber gasket on the new filter.

Step 12:

Refer to instructions on oil filter for proper installation.

Step 13:

Fill the crankcase with new oil through the oil fill tube, level should be at top of the indicator on the dipstick.

Step 14:

Replace oil fill/dipstick and tighten securely.

Step 15:

Start your engine and check for oil leaks.

Step 16:

Stop your engine, correct leaks and re check oil level.

Step 17:

Dispose of used oil and filter in accordance with your local ordinances.

Now that your engine has fresh oil, you’re ready to get back to mowing! Remember to check your owner’s manual for a suggested maintenance schedule!


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