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Published on May 7th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Change the Oil in a Honda FG 110 Mini Tiller

Changing the oil in your tiller is a great way to keep the engine running like new and it will help prevent engine damage.

You might be wondering how exactly you go about changing the oil in a tiller.

Fortunately, changing the oil is easy, and I am going to tell you every step to get the job done!

Step 1:

Place on level surface.

Step 2:

Tip tiller forward onto carrying handle.

Step 3:

Remove the oil fill cap.

Step 4:

Check oil level, the correct level it at or near the bottom of the opening of the oil fill tube.

Step 5:

If the oil level is low you can use a small funnel and add small amounts of oil to bring the level up.

Step 6:

If your oil needs changed place a drain pan next to the tiller.

Step 7:

Remove the oil filler cap.

Step 8:

Tip the tiller forward so the oil drains into the pan.

Step 9:

Allow the used oil to drain completely.

Step 10:

Using a funnel refill the engine with oil.

Step 11:

The level is correct when it is near the bottom of the filler hole. The oil capacity is approximately 2.7 ounces.

Step 12:

Re-install the filler cap and wipe up any spills.


Oil changes are vital in the health of your tiller, to be sure you are using the proper oil and changing it often enough, consult your owner’s manual!

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2 Responses to How to Change the Oil in a Honda FG 110 Mini Tiller

  1. jonathan says:

    While this might seem a good explanation on the surface, the two most important items are missing: HOW MUCH oil and WHAT WEIGHT of oil?
    Until you add this information, this article is useless.
    Thank you,

    • Kimberly Myers says:


      Thank you for your comment!

      The oil capacity of the Honda FG 110 Mini Tiller is 2.7 oz. and it uses SAE 10W-30 oil.

      We recommended you always check your owners manual before performing any maintenance on your equipment, just to be sure you are using all of the proper/recommended materials for your particular model of equipment.


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