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Published on April 24th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Clean the Deck of a Husqvarna RZ Zero Turn

Did you know that keeping your mower deck clean can increase the machine’s life span?

It is very important to try to clean the mower deck after every use to be sure to keep your zero turn in tip-top shape! If you are not quite sure how to clean your mower deck properly, here are a few steps to make sure you get your zero turn’s deck cleaned properly without damaging anything else!

What you will need:

  • Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower
  • Hose
  • Air Compressor, Brush or Hand Held Blower

For models without a clean out port:

Step 1:

Make sure your engine is cool, but hasn’t been sitting too long that the debris are stuck to it.

Step 2:

Use compressed air, a brush, or a handheld blower to clean the topside.


Step 3:

Clean the underside of the deck with normal water pressure, do not use high pressure or a steam cleaner.


Avoid spraying the engine and electrical components with water.


For Models with a clean out port:

Step 1:

Attach the quick connect from the accessory packet to any garden hose after you have finished mowing.

Step 2:

Snap hose on to clean out port and turn on the water supply.

Step 3:

Make sure the hose is out of the way of the deck and blades.

Step 4:

Turn on the mower.

Step 5:

Engage the blades to use the spinning action to help wash away any debris that may be stuck.

Step 6:

Shut off mower.

Step 7:

Shut off water.

Step 8:

Disconnect the hose.

Step 9:

Restart and run the mower with the blades engaged for about 5 minutes to dry the underside of the deck.

Step 10:

Re-grease the spindles.

Now your mower is nice and clean and all ready for its’ next job!


  • Do NOT rinse hot surfaces with cool water
  • Always be sure that your unit is cool before washing
  • Do NOT spray water on the top deck of the mower


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  1. Drew McTygue says:

    What should i do if i sprayed the top of the mower deck?

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