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Published on February 27th, 2015 | by Jacks


How to Install a Quiet Muffler on a Generator

Installing a Quiet Muffler on your small engine or generator is a great way to reduce those loud, annoying exhaust noises.

Some Quiet Mufflers are designed to fit a variety of small engines, while other manufacturers produce quiet mufflers for specific models. It’s very important to determine if your equipment’s model is compatible with the Quiet Muffler before you attempt to install one.

Consider the size of your engine (HP), the model and size of the resonator, the type of adapter (clamp-on or threaded), and the number of diffuser discs you need.

Here’s a basic overview on how to install a Quiet Muffler

1.) Assemble the parts of the muffler, including the diffuser discs and resonator.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

2.) Remove the standard muffler on your equipment.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

3.) Install the Quiet Muffler. Use the adapter to fit the new muffler into the exhaust port.

Quiet Muffler
Quiet Muffler

Once everything is installed, turn on your equipment to see if there are any exhaust leaks. Your equipment should now be quieter than ever.

If you’re interested, read how a quiet muffler works.

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16 Responses to How to Install a Quiet Muffler on a Generator

  1. William Rosser says:

    Is there a Quiet Muffler for a Snapper riding lawn mover with a Briggs and Stratton engine?

  2. Steve Miller says:

    Question: Wiil this “quiet muffler” fit a Generac 2000ix generator? Thanks, Steve


    I have a new Dewalt 7000 generator on my trailer as a groomer. how can I quiet it?

  4. Doug Huycke says:

    Will “quiet muffler” work on the Champion model 76533, dual fuel 4750/3800 watt generator?
    Thanks, Doug

  5. marty Russo says:

    I have a onan generator 2000 watt with a tesumseh engine Model # 2te-1p. engine
    # H50=651 48h do you have a quiet muffler for this application.

  6. Rob says:

    I have a Honda generator 5500 watt. Do they make a silencer for it or a quieter muffler.

  7. Scott Mckay says:

    I have a Kipor 1 KVA Portable Generator, I plan to build a Gen Set Sound Proof Box, that will also include sound deadening, an of course a Muffler for the Generator, I see on ebay many Silences, But I have been searching the net for a muffler silencer. Do you make a Silencer for this type of Gennie…? 59Db to 65 Db currently @ 10mtrs. Can you fix, or lead me to where I will be able to fix, or even a suggest a retailer who manufactures such a box that includes Muffler.

  8. Joe Schraufnagel says:

    Looking to replace exhaust on16hp
    vanguard twin on my argo 6×6.would like it as quiet as possible

  9. doug says:

    do they have something for a champion ..model#100216 ..I’m a camp host and need to quiet my gen ..thanks

  10. Mike says:

    I have a Oran 550 on my M/H no muffler and I really need one, can you help me?

  11. What is the Quietest muffler that will fit a Briggs & Stratton , 13.5 H.P. , Model # 28R707 , Type 1120E1 Engine ? And how much will it cost mailed to Zip Code 43517 ? THIS IS NOT A COMMENT , I’m trying to buy something , Please Reply , Thank You , Jerry

  12. Albert Salcido says:

    I have a champion generator model #100110, when running it puts out about 80 dB, really loud.
    all the research I done tells me a muffler does not quiet the generator down hardly at all.

    Do you have any recommendation of a muffler that will work, I really do not want to build a box

  13. Steve says:

    Where do I get the flange to thread adaptor?

  14. Andrew Capdeville says:

    I have a Honda EB10000 and need a muffler or attachment that will significantly reduce the noise. What do you recommend? Thanks.

  15. Andrew Capdeville says:

    I have a Honda EB10000 generator and need a better muffler or add on to significantly reduce the noise. Thanks.

  16. Pat Eivins says:

    Hello, I have JD z925 mower. I think it has
    27hp Kawasaki engine. I have hearing problem
    and wondering if you have a product for
    This zero turn mower.. thanks Pat

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