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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Operate an Oregon Trimmer

Starting the trimmer:

  • Grasp the front and rear handle firmly, squeeze the trigger lock out, then squeeze the throttle trigger until the trimmer head moves at the desired speed.

Stopping the trimmer:

  • Release the throttle trigger to stop the trimmer/edger

Proper Stance:

  • The throttle trigger controls the speed at which the trimmer head turns.
  • Squeeze the throttle trigger more firmly for faster cutting speeds
  • Use the lowest pressure required to cut the material, this helps to maximize the amount of cutting time you will get out of each battery/charge and will cut back on how many charging operations you will need.

Advancing Trimmer Line:

  • When trimmer line is wearing down, bump the trimmer head on the ground while the motor is running and the trimmer head is turning. This will make more trimmer line come out of the spool.
    • If any excess comes out, it will automatically be trimmed by the line cutting blade that is located on the bottom of the guard.

Cutting Techniques:

  • Trimming:
    • Assume proper grip and stance and start the trimmer
    • Squeeze the throttle trigger until the trimmer head achieves the minimum speed necessary to cut the grass or weeds
      • Angle the trimmer head slightly toward the direction of the cut
    • Push the trimmer head slowly from the side into the grass or weeds to be cut and move the trimmer head back and forth so that the end of the trimmer line contacts the material to be cut
    • Do NOT allow the trimmer line to touch the ground
  • Edging:
    • Edging is used to maintain an existing border between a lawn and another object
      • Keep hands away from the throttle trigger, then move the edging guard so that is protrudes from the trimmer and clicks into place
      • Approach the lawn with the trimmer turned so that the bottom of the trimmer head is pointed toward the side of the lawn and the edging guide is pointed toward the ground. Position the edge guide along the edge
      • In tight spaces, such as against a fence, it is acceptable to reverse grip on the rear handle and hold the trimmer ledge in a more vertical position
      • If you will be edging for extended periods of time, it is acceptable to rate the front handle, this may provide a more comfortable grip.

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