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How to Rebuild a Tecumseh Carburetor

Carburetors can wear out for multiple reasons. If your engine is hesitating, stumbling, stalling, letting out black smoke, or has a hard time starting you may want to consider rebuilding your carburetor. As intimidating as it may look, rebuilding a carburetor is an easy task that can be completed in just a few steps.

Tecumseh Carburetors are fairly simple units. The float model carbs are easy to rebuild/repair. Before you start, one thing you will need is a factory repair manual.

Carburetor Problems

There are some common problems with carburetors that should be checked before you start a rebuild. Many times the following items will correct the trouble your engine is having. You will still need a repair kit to replace certain gaskets and seals that should be replaced whenever disturbed.

One of the more common problems is the flooding of the carb. If this is your complaint check the float first. Remove the float bowl, float pin and remove the float. Be careful that you do not loosen the float needle valve. Now shake the float and listen for gas inside. If the float sloshes, replace it with a new one. Replace the float needle valve seat and adjust the float per the factory manual. Replace the float bowl gaskets.

If you are experiencing performance problems and suspect the carb, you will have to remove it from the engine to correct the problem. After the carb is off the engine there is one thing you need to check before going any further. Remove the float as above. Now hold the choke and throttle butterflies so that you can shake the carb without them making a sound. Shake the carb and listen for it to rattle. If you do not hear the rattle, the emulsion tube is stuck. This tube is sealed into the body of the carb during manufacturing and can not be replaced. The carburetor will need to be replaced. Also if the aluminum body of the carb is corroded inside, any rebuild will only be a temporary fix. Once the corrosion has started it can not be stopped.

Carburetor Rebuild

If everything checks out up to here, a rebuild and cleaning should fix the carb. However there is one more tricky thing you will need to do. You must remove the welch plug on the side of the carb. This can be done by driving a sharpened small punch or screw driver through the plug and popping it out. Take extreme care when doing this procedure. There are two jets cast into the carb body under this welch plug. If you damage them the carb will have to be replaced. With the welch plug removed and the main jet(in the bowl nut) out the three holes that need to be cleaned are exposed. Using a piece of soft tag wire clean these holes. Now clean the complete carb with carb cleaner.

Re-assemble the carb. Make sure that the needle valve seat is completely down into its bore. After driving in the new welch plug, paint it with finger nail polish to seal it. Adjust the float height using a #4 twist drill as directed in the repair manual.

Now that your carb is rebuilt, don’t drop the ball on the 90 yard line. Replace the gaskets between the carb and the engine, and the carb and the air cleaner. One common mistake made is to fail to replace the fuel line between the carb and the fuel filter/tank. If the carb was full of dirt or varnish the fuel line will also be. Plus when the carb or fuel line is removed, the inside of the hose usually is damaged. Small fragments of hose materials can break loose and flow into the carb. This will ruin the job that you just completed.


After the carb is remounted to the engine it must be adjusted correctly. You will need a repair manual to do this. Remember that the idle circuit must be adjusted first. Without the idle circuit working correctly you will never get the main jet adjusted correctly.

Now that your carburetor is rebuilt, your engine should be working like new. Don’t forget to check out the selection of Carburetors & Parts we have here at Jacks!

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17 Responses to How to Rebuild a Tecumseh Carburetor

  1. bob says:

    Gas is flowing through the carb and out the red tube into the air filter.

  2. ron says:

    have a techumche 5hp engine runs fine until filter is installed and then it floods out ,
    Even without filter in it.

  3. Rick Wieckhorst says:

    I have a old snow blower that’s leaking gas I replaced the float pin and rubber seat I checked the float and it doesn’t leak when ever the bowl files up gas drips out of the copper tube on the side of the carburetor I think it’s the overflow tube the carburetor # 640092A what else could I try Thanks RickW

  4. Rick says:

    I bought a replacement Carb for my Techumseh HM-100 gen. engine. The new one has two ports on the fuel inlet side, and the old one has one. Can I use it.

  5. ruby high says:

    I want to know how to take off a carburetor form a tecumseh motor this is my first time .

  6. Jim Chappell says:

    2001toro model no.71223 looking for part no. 52-2891 bushing

  7. Vern Canon says:

    I have a Tecumseh OHV155 where I replaced the fuel bowl assembly as it got to the point the only way the engine would run was with the choke engaged. The float in the first kit wouldn’t shut off the fuel flow when the bowl was full and was replaced by the parts house. The second one seemed to work for a couple of hours but now starts to flood out on an occasional basis. When you look down into the air intake when it is flooding, you can see raw fuel spitting out of the carburetor and into the air intake. There’s not a lot of moving parts so the only thing I can think of is that the float is sticking allowing excess fuel into the bowl. It seems unlikely that I would get two defective bowl kits. Do you have any ideas?

    • Mike says:

      Check the ohv valve clearances. A snug .005 works close enough for each, but look at the intake mostly. The compression release may be coming on too much and blowing gas and air mix back through the carb.

  8. R. W. Buchwald says:

    I cut off the plunger on the electric carb shut off valve hoping the engine would run. Reconnected the red and green wire. Now no power to starter. Wires connected still no powe.

  9. Gary says:

    I have a yard machine 13.5 techumski engine. Won’t start I’m thinking its a carb issue. I put gas in the carb and it will start, then it dies. We blew threw the fuel filter. What could it be

  10. Jacks says:

    I was cleaning the carburetor of my riding lawn mower and get confused with the wires positive and negative.
    model tecumseh 57141-60

  11. Joe says:

    I’m looking for a fix speed carburetor for a 10 hp Tecumseh generator mod. HM100

  12. Tom G says:

    Need a carburetor repair kit for a Tecumseh 10 HP on a Generac model 01140-0
    serial # 5235182

  13. John Coyne says:

    I have an old Ariens ST350 snow blower that needs either a new carb or rebuild kit but I don’t know the part number for this carb. Can you tell me what the part number is? Is this part still available?

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