Tillers How to Replace the Air Filter in a Mantis Deluxe Tiller

Published on May 26th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Replace the Air Filter in a Mantis Deluxe Tiller

Changing the air filter in your tiller is very important to the longevity of it’s engine.

A dirty air filter can mean decreased engine performance, so you should be sure to check your air filter as often as you can!

What You Will Need:

  • Mantis Deluxe Tiller
  • New Air Filter

Step 1:

Remove the filter by unscrewing the wing nut

Step 2:

Remove the air filter cover

Step 3:

Pull the air filter out of the housing

Step 4:

If the filter is not excessively dirty or damaged you can brush the dirt from it gently, if it is too dirty or is damaged you should replace it with a new filter.

Step 5:

Replace the filter

Step 6:

Attach the cover

Step 7:

Tighten the wing nut


Changing the air filter is very important, be sure to consult your owner’s manual to see how often you should be changing the air filter in your tiller to keep it running like new!

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