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Published on April 27th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Replace the Blades on a Toro TimeCutter Zero Turn

Dull blades on your Toro zero turn?

The blades can be kind of intimidating, but don’t worry, here are some tips to help you safely and quickly remove the blades from your zero turn and install the new sharp blades to restore your mower’s performance!

What you will need:

  • Toro Time Cutter Zero Turn
  • New or Sharpened Blades
  • Heavily Padded Gloves
  • Wrench or Socket Wrench
  • Scrap Wood
  • Torque Wrench

Be sure to check the owner’s manual for safety and maintenance information.

Step 1:

Park your mower on a flat surface.

Step 2:

Apply parking brakes.

Step 3:

Disengage blade control switch.

Step 4:

Turn off engine and remove the key.

Step 5:

Remove the deck-See how to remove the deck here!

Step 6:

Flip mower deck over and place it on a piece of scrap wood to keep it level.

Step 7:

Wedge a piece of wood between the blade and edge of mower deck to prevent the blade from moving.

Step 8:

To loosen the blade bolt you’ll need to hold on to the blade end, be sure you are wearing thickly padded gloves for protection.

Step 9:

Remove the blade bolt washer and blade form the spindle shaft.

Step 10:

Replace the old blade with a new or sharpened blade.

Note: To ensure proper cutting the curved part of the blade must be pointing toward the inside of the mower.

Step 11:

Install washer and securely tighten the blade bolt.

Step 12:

Check manual for exact ft/lbs of torque for your blades.

Step 13:

Re-install the deck.

Remember: Never handle mower blades with your bare hands, they are sharp whether they have been used or are brand new, don’t take the risk, wear gloves!

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